Little Nuggets – What Is The First Indication Of Turning Away From God?



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God distinctly declares that the first indication of turning away from Him is not unbelief, anger, disobedience, or rebellion but an unthankful heart (Romans 1:21). We express that ungratefulness with our murmurings, complainings, and grumblings.

Yet, do we realize that murmuring maligns and defames the goodness of God – we are actually accusing God of no longer being good! When we murmur, we are conveying that if we were in control, having the same power and authority that God has, we would be handling our circumstances and conditions, even answering our prayers, a whole lot differently than God!

God is good! Therefore, everything He does is perfect and right. God only gives good gifts, although some of His good gifts may come in strange packages!

Oh, beloved, may we taste the Lord, and know, as well as experience, that He is good!

This book is part of the ‘Little Nuggets’ series by Dr. Jerry Benjamin.