Saved To Be Used

What does it mean to be saved? Dan Thomas shares his perspective on salvation and what it means to be saved – and what that means not just for our future but for today.


Christ demonstrated the timeless truth that we can only live the Christian life through complete dependence on Him by living the perfect life Himself through complete dependence on His Father. As [...]

Isa : A Short Testimony

Isa, a past student at Portantorchas in Costa Rica, shares what God has been teaching her lately. God, the Creator of the universe cares about us and is intimately involved in our lives and that [...]

The Exchanged Life

The Christian life is an exchanged life. Peter Reid, General Director of Torchbearers International and Director of Bodenseehof, with a perspective from many years serving in the ministry, [...]

Not I. Him

Watch this inspirational short video, combining a powerful teaching segment from Major W. Ian Thomas with new visual imagery, focusing on the essence of what it means to be a Christian. 

What Is Torchbearers

What is the DNA of Torchbearers? Hear from several ministry leaders (Chris Thomas, Peter Reid, Jill Briscoe and others) as they explain what “torchbearering” is all about.

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