My God Is King DVD Set



A DVD series by Major W. Ian Thomas (3 disks – 227 mins)


A DVD series by Major W. Ian Thomas (3 disks – 227 mins)

“My God Is King” is a teaching series by Major Ian Thomas from the Book of Ruth recorded in the early 90’s. Ruth is one of the most fascinating books in the Old Testament, for here, in a marvelous way, the Holy Spirit has revealed the whole, unfolding story of God’s redemptive and regenerative purpose. Major W. Ian Thomas unpacks the book of Ruth, while clearly presenting the allegory of Ruth and Boaz’s union to that of the Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom and our Kinsman Redeemer. As you follow along, may you come to a deeper understanding and love for the living and indwelling Lord Jesus.

“May the Lord Jesus, through this series, be to you and to many through you, Bread for the hungry and Life for the lifeless!” – Major Ian Thomas

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