Audiobook – The Acorn



Message by Major W. Ian Thomas (Running time: 61 minutes)


Message by Major W. Ian Thomas (Running time: 61 minutes)

‘The Acorn’ tells of the birth of the Torchbearer ministry. It will encourage and challenge your heart. When you come to the end of your life you will want to know that the story for which you were born has been told.

“In every seed there’s a story waiting to be told. That’s the miracle of God’s creation. That’s the heart of Torchbearing! I discovered not only what it took to become a Christian, but what it takes to be the Christian I had become: to allow Christ who rose again from the dead to be clothed with my redeemed humanity and tell the story that had already been written. I discovered that Christ not only died for me so that I might become a Christian, but He rose again from the dead to give His life to me, to live His life through me; but He could do that only if I were prepared to die to my own program.” – Major Ian Thomas

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