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Is Bible school offered online?

Currently there are online Bible school courses offered in German by Schloss Klaus and in English by PDF. Some centers may make lectures available to stream online or purchase for download.

Are Torchbearers Bible schools accredited?

Most of our Bible schools are not accredited, but it is possible that your college or university may award credit or credit hours for your time as a student at one of our centers. Please talk to both your college/university as well as the center you wish to attend to find out what the possibilities are.

Can families attend Bible school?

Yes! Please contact the center you wish to attend to find out if they have space. You may also want to check out the three weeks programs at Credo in Switzerland and Holsby in Sweden, which are designed to accommodate older students and families.

Where do I go to find job or volunteer opportunities?

Please contact the center you are interested in for available opportunities.

What languages can I study in?

The majority of our centers have Bible School programs in English, but we also have programs in German, French, Spanish, Albanian, Romanian and Hindi. Conferences, camps and retreats at our centers are usually in the local language(s) of the centers.

Can I teach at a center?

If you are interested in teaching at one of our centers, please contact the center directly. You can find contact details on the centers pages.

What denomination is Torchbearers?

Torchbearers International is an international, interdenominational organization. If you want to know what we believe, you can read our Statement of Faith.

I am older than 20, can I still attend Bible school?

You are never too old for Bible school! The average age of students is 18-21, but there is no age limit. If you would prefer to attend with other older students, the three-week Bible school courses at Credo in Switzerland or Holsby in Sweden, for example, are designed for students 25 years and older.

How old do I have to be?

Generally, you must be 18 in order to attend Bible school. If you are under 18 and have completed high school (or the equivalent), please contact the center you wish to attend, as exceptions can be (and have been) made.

Are there scholarships or financial assistance?

Torchbearers International does not offer any scholarships or financial assistance. However, some centers have their own scholarship fund or may be able to make special financial arrangements. Check with the center to which you are applying for available financial assistance.

How much does Bible school cost?

The cost of our programs range from $200 – $700 USD per week. For more details please follow the links from our centers page to the website of the center you are interested in.

I can’t be away for a full year, can I still attend Bible school?

Yes! Our centers offer Bible school programs ranging from three weeks to nine months in duration. Look through the centers pages and visit center websites to find more information on programs and dates, or contact us if you would like help figuring out your options.

Can I attend more than one Bible school?

Yes! Students can attend multiple programs as long as the program dates don’t overlap. You could, for example, study at one center for the fall semester and go to another center for the winter and spring semesters. Typically there will be enough differences between centers that you won’t duplicate course material. Look through the centers pages and visit center websites to find programs that will work for you or contact us if you would like help figuring out your options.

Can I visit the campus?

Certainly! Before you go, please make arrangements with the center you wish to visit. You may want to ask about a ‘Taste and See’ experience (attending a single week of Bible school) offered by many of our centers.

How do I apply to Bible school?

Most centers allow you to apply online from their website. You can apply to most of our Bible schools here. Or visit our centers page to see which centers offer Bible school programs.

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