Bible Course 1 – Getting the King Out of the Boy

«Getting the King out of the Boy» is a series of 16 lectures by Rob Whittaker on the life of King David from the books of 1 and 2 Samuel. Filmed during Bible school at Capernwray Hall.


Session 1: How God Equips Us

In this first lecture, Rob looks at what it means for David to be a key player and how God puts him through a training program that almost kills him. Rob explains how God equips us for action for our life today and in eternity.


Session 2: How God Chooses People

In this second lecture, Rob looks at how God chooses people. He focuses on the making of a key player in God’s kingdom and how it often takes place in the everyday moments of life.


Session 3: How God Chooses You

In this third lecture, Rob further explores the reasons for God choosing David and the implications that this has for our being chosen by God.


Session 4: Why God Chooses People

Rob continues to dive deep into the life of David and how God shapes him into being a key player. Here Rob looks at the reasons God chooses someone and how to recognize what being chosen by God means theologically.


Session 5: How God Guides Us

In this session, using the life of David as a backdrop, Rob introduces the topic of how God guides people.


Session 6: How God Forms a Key Player

Rob delves into a very familiar chapter in the life of David, 1 Samuel 17 – the battle with Goliath, to look at the point when David steps up as a key player and how God uses that to form him.


Session 7: How to Handle Criticism

Rob looks at how we should handle problems in the Christian life, especially the criticism that comes from those closest to us. He does this by looking at how David handles similar issues as recorded in 1 Samuel.


Session 8: How to Handle Success and Suffering

There is a price tag that comes with being a Christian who wants to live a godly life. Rob explores the suffering that comes with successful Christian living against the backdrop of the life of David and in particular his relationships with other people.


Session 9: How God Helps Us in a Nightmare

Rob looks at how God can help us survive when we are living in a nightmare situation. He uses the story of David and his relationship with Saul, who wants to kill him, as a backdrop to explain how God uses people to come to our aid in times of difficulty.


Session 10: How Do I Love My Neighbor?

Jesus tells us that loving our neighbors is a command second only to loving God, but how do we practically do this? Rob Whittaker explores this question against the backdrop of the life of David.


Session 11: What Happens When You Love Your Neighbor?

Building on the previous lecture, Rob delves into the repercussions of loving your neighbor. As ever, this session is packed with wisdom and a wealth of practical examples.


Session 12: How Do I Identify My Blind Spots?

Why does God seem to favor David over Saul? Rob continues to work through the life of David and offers some very helpful insights into this difficult question.


Session 13: How To Deal With Your Blind Spots

By their very nature, blind spots are very difficult for us to identify, let alone do anything about. Here Rob gives us some tips on how to deal with them using the story of David as a backdrop.


Session 14: What To Do About Your Blind Spots

Rob gives some practical instruction on how to deal with the theological blind spots in your life.


Session 15: Why Does God Deal With Us Differently?

In this lecture, Rob compares what God is doing in David’s life and what he is doing in Saul’s life to illustrate how and why God deals with people differently. Rob then explores how God may deal with us over the months and years ahead.


Session 16: God Will Meet You at Every Corner

Rob presents a review of the entire series and a preview of where your life can go next with God.

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