Bible Course 5 – The Book of Acts

This is a lecture series by Charles Price in the book of Acts, looking at key issues and principles we can apply to our lives. Charles Price, a longtime friend of Torchbearers is a Bible teacher and minister at large for The Peoples Church in Toronto, Canada. Filmed during Bible school at Capernwray Hall.

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Session 1: Facts About Acts

What is the Book of Acts all about? Charles Price unpacks the details that will help us navigate our way through the rest of the book.


Session 2: Famous Last Words

The last recorded words of Jesus before he ascends into heaven are contained in the first chapter of Acts. Charles Price explains what those words meant to those first disciples and how they apply to us today.


Session 3: Receiving the Holy Spirit

What does it mean to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Using the backdrop of the opening chapters of the Book of Acts, Charles Price explains the answer to this question.


Session 4: Divine Strategy for Evangelism

Acts 8 gives us a pattern for understanding God’s way of reaching the world with the good news about Jesus.


Session 5: The Profile of a Convert

What sort of person gets dramatically converted like the apostle Paul? Charles Price explores this and other questions as he works through chapter 8 of Acts.


Session 6: The Fullness of the Holy Spirit

Charles explains the meaning of the phrase, ‘the fullness of the Holy Spirit,’ in each of its occurrences in the book of Acts. The exposition of these passages gives us a rounded view of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in this very important period of the early church.


Session 7: Strategy for Global Mission

Charles focuses on the second half of the Book of Acts explorings how the good news of Jesus is spread around the Mediterranean by Paul and his co-workers.


Session 8: Understanding Persecution

In this final lecture on Acts Charles explores one of the major themes of the book – persecution.

You can access more teaching series by Charles Price at

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