Bible Course 4 – I’m in Christ

This is a lecture series by Derek Burnside on the wonderful realities in Christ for the Christian. “In Christ, you are unshakably safe, immeasurably loved and utterly transformed.” Derek Burnside is a Bible teacher and the principal at Capernwray Hall. Filmed during Bible school at Capernwray Hall.


Session 1: Glorious Reality

Derek introduces this series about being ‘In Christ’ by exploring the glorious reality it really is. He looks at the theological concept from a number of different angles to allow us to fully understand how absolutely foundational this is to being a Christian.


Session 2: Unshakably Safe

In this second lecture of the series, Derek continues to explore the idea of being ‘In Christ’ as something that should give us absolute confidence that we are safe in the hands of God.


Session 3: Immeasurably Loved

Derek explores how being ‘In Christ’ should convey to us the magnitude of the love that God has for every Christian.


Session 4: Utterly Transformed

In this final lecture, Derek unpacks how being ‘In Christ’ has an incredibly powerful effect and lasting change in the life of the believer.

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