Bible Course 2 – Joshua

This is a series of 11 lectures by Peter Reid from the book of Joshua. Peter Reid is the general director of Torchbearers International, director at Bodenseehof and teaches at various centers and camps around the world. Filmed during Bible school at Capernwray Hall.


Session 1: A Life Changed By Jesus

Peter Reid shares his testimony and how Jesus changed his life.


Session 2: Introduction to Joshua

Peter Reid introduces the Book of Joshua with a particular focus on how we can link it to our everyday Christian life.


Session 3: What Type of Person Does God Use?

Peter Reid delves into the first chapter of Joshua and looks at the type of person that God commissions to do his work. Peter then asks the question of whether we are open to God making us usable for his purposes.


Session 4: Why Does God Save Rahab?

Peter Reid continues the teaching series on Joshua by looking at how a woman of faith is rescued by a God of grace.


Session 5: How Does the Christian Life Work?

Peter addresses a common question about the Christian life – what is my responsibility in all of this? He does this by looking at the important topics of repentance, dependence and obedience.


Session 6: How God Can Be Sufficient for You

Peter explores how God can be sufficient for everything in our life, but then explains that it only happens when we discover that the answer to life does not lie within ourselves.


Session 7: What Is the Real Test of Humility

Peter explains that the appropriate response toward God is humility, but the real test of humility is worked out in our attitude toward others. Peter demonstrates this principle through the life of Joshua.


Session 8: The Promised Land

Peter outlines the key aspects of how Joshua led the people into the Promised Land and how that relates to us today as Christians.


Session 9: The Spiritual Battle

Using the battle at Jericho as a backdrop, Peter explains the spiritual battle that takes place in the life of a Christian.


Session 10: What Defeat Looks Like

Peter looks at how the Israelites were defeated at Ai and how that impacts us as Christians today.


Session 11: Sin or Mistake?

Peter looks at the difference between sins and mistakes using the Israelites’ covenant with the Gibeonites as an example from the Book of Joshua.


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