Practical training
within a cross-
cultural setting

These programs have the same objectives and follow a similar format as all Torchbearers Bible schools, but in a cross-cultural setting.

Being immersed in the culture of a foreign country and serving alongside the local church or missionaries will be a main part of your practical training. Most of these programs are conducted in both English and the local language.

Discover the Wor(I)D

This two-month program offers a chance to spend time with God, learn about different religions of India, examine one’s own relationship with God, discover missions opportunities and grow in faith. Being located in the Himalayas, there will be opportunities for hiking, rafting and camping. The schedule also includes a five-day trip to the Golden Triangle, during which the highlight is a visit to the Taj Mahal.


Crossroads in Albania offers you a chance to study in a country where East meets West culturally, in a nation that once declared itself as the first atheistic country in the world. Since the fall of Communism in 1992, Albania has been a democratic nation. You will study and serve alongside missionaries, Albanians and the local church.

Mission Bible School

Purtătorii de Făclie in Romania offers a three-month Bible school program with a strong emphasis on preparing students for cross-cultural ministry. Students will grow as a team through various outdoor challenges within the local Carpathian mountains; be placed in a foreign cultural environment and will go on outreach where they can grow in their ability to share the gospel cross-culturally.

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Torchbearers Bible programs provide foundational teaching to equip men and women to live the authentic Christian life that “turned the world upside down” in the first century!

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