Join fellow torchbearers for a weekend of Christ-centered bible teaching & fellowship

Torchbearers is hosting 6 conferences across the USA and Canada in the summer of 2016.  This is a great  opportunity to be encouraged by excellent Bible  teaching and enjoy fellowship with other Torchbearers. 

We have an exciting line-up of speakers, center staff and guests for each weekend!

We hope there will be students and staff (current & past) from all of our 25 centres around the world. See you there!

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Winnipeg, MB CANADA

Canadian mennonite universITy

500 Shaftesbury Boulevard Winnipeg, MB, Canada  R3P 2N2
15-16 July 2016
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La Crosse, WI USA

the Crossfire center

422 Main St, La Crosse, WI, 54601, USA
22-23 July 2016
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Seattle, WA USA

bethany church

8023 Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98103
29-30 July 2016
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Abbotsford, BC CANADA

Ross Road Community church

43160 Ross Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1G4
5-6 August 2016
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Calgary, AB CANADA

Foothills alliance church

333 Edgepark Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3A 4K4
12-13 August 2016
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Estes Park, CO USA

Ravencrest Chalet

501 Pole Hill Road CO 80517
19-20 August 2016
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The speaker line up  will vary from conference to conference but here's a list of all of those who be attending at least  one of the conferences:

Richard Dahlstrom -  Pastor, Bethany Church, Seattle
Richard Dahlstrom is Senior Pastor at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, WA. He is author of O2: Breathing New Life into Faith and The Colors of Hope and regularly teaches at some of the European Torchbearers centers. He is married to Donna and they have 3 adult children. Richard enjoys skiing, rock climbing, writing, hiking and reading.
Zane Black - Christ Plus Nothing, Torchbearers International
Formerly a student and then staff at Timberline Lodge, Zane Black now enjoys discipling and walking through life with students. He is married to Rachel and they have 2 children. They currently serve as Torchbearers representatives as they travel and speak at different churches and youth events across the nation, and serve with Dare2Share ministries.
Chris Thomas - General Director, Torchbearers International
Chris Thomas was born in Nottingham, England, but grew up at Capernwray Hall, meaning he was really born into the Torchbearers Ministry! He attended College at Columbia International University in South Carolina and was called by his dad (Ian Thomas, the founder of Torchbearers International) to direct Ravencrest and then subsequently to assume the position of International Director of Torchbearers. Chris is married to Bonnie, has three adult sons, and enjoys geocaching, calling it his ‘evangelistic tool!’
Frank Cirone - Ravencrest Chalet
After attending Bible school, Frank Cirone joined the staff at Ravencrest Chalet. Frank and his wife, Krista, have four children. Frank spends time traveling and speaking at various events in the United States and overseas, and loves watching his kids compete in their various sports. Before coming on staff at Ravencrest Chalet, he traveled with and assisted Major Ian Thomas in his preaching ministry for some years.
Dave Firth - Capernwray New Zealand
After completing Bible school, Dave Firth returned to Capernwray New Zealand in July of 2008 as Marketing Director and to head up the Business Ministry Leadership course, having previously worked in the tourism, finance and marketing sectors. Dave also directs the Communications and Development effort for Torchbearers International. He has a passion for professionalism in ministry and integrity in the workplace, studying and teaching God's Word.  Dave is married to Marsha and they have 3 children.
Dan Thomas - Timberline Lodge
Dan Thomas is the Director of Timberline Lodge, in the mountains of Colorado. A former Torchbearers Bible school student in England and Austria with further training from Columbia International University, Dan has also served as a pastor in Wisconsin and is continuing to grow in his role as a husband and father of 3.
Charlie Fordham - Capernwray Harbour
As Director of Capernwray Harbour, Charlie Fordham provides pastoral leadership, training people for Christian service and preaching God's Word locally and abroad. Charlie and his wife, Marlene, founded the ministry of Capernwray Harbour in 1979, arriving on Thetis Island, BC. Born and raised in India, Charlie has been used by God to point countless individuals to the person of Jesus Christ so that they too might discover Him as Lord and Life!
Peter Reid - Bodenseehof
Peter Reid attended Bible School at Bodenseehof in 1979. His wife, Gaby was first introduced to Torchbearers when her confirmation group was visited by a group of Bible school students in 1978. Both Peter and Gaby experienced the freshness of the risen Christ through these meetings. Because Bodenseehof has been such a significant part of their walk, they count it a privilege to serve together there and see Him meeting others as He has them. Peter is director and Gaby the registrar at Bodenseehof.
Peter Thomas - Capernwray Australia
As the National Director, Peter Thomas oversees the operation and leadership of the Bible School and the broad ministry of Capernwray Australia. His first experience of being Director was in the ‘80’s at 'Wongabri', which is when he met his wife, Elizabeth. They have also spent 25 years in New Zealand, directing at Monavale. Peter loves seeing the transformation that takes place in student’s lives as they discover fullness in Christ. He also enjoys reading, exploring and finding the best coffee shops in the world.
Peter Bichan - Capernwray New Zealand
A graduate of Capernwray Hall in England, Peter Bichan has a passion for the Word and enjoys teaching its truths. He also loves climbing, kayaking and cycling. He directed the Adventure Bible school program for many years and has recently become director and principal at Monavale. Peter is married and has 3 children.
David Twite - President and CEO of Mac Donald and Owen Lumber
Davide Twite is president and CEO of Mac Donald and Owen Lumber, a global supplier of hardwood lumber. He is Co-Founder and Chairman of the board of Crossfire and Renovate Ministries in La Crosse, Wisconsin and Co-Founder of The Prayz radio network. David also is a Bible teacher and lecturer at Torchbearers centers, Bodenseehof and Ravencrest Chalet.
Matt McLean - Capernwray Quebec
Matt McLean first attended Capernwray Harbour in B.C. Canada for Bible school, as a first year student and then stayed for a second year. He felt called to serve with Torchbearers and was led to Capernwray Quebec. He has been serving there for over 10 years in the roles of Resident Lecturer, Dean of Students, Bible school Principal and Director. He met his wife, Jess at there and they have four children. Matt enjoys sports, music and writing.

Schedule for the WEEKEND

Each of our Conferences will be unique - different venues, speakers and staff from various Torchbearers centres  - but they will all follow a basic timetable (sample schedule below).

All of the Conferences will start on a Friday night and go through the following Saturday.

Meals and accommodation will not be provided at the conferences, but check out the 'More Information' links in the WHEN/WHERE? section for information about restaurants, cafes and accommodations available in the area. Or  email


6pm    Doors open

7pm     Main Assembly: music, speakers, presentations, videos and Bible teaching.

10pm   Finish for the night and head off to find somewhere comfy to sleep


9am    Main Assembly: music, speakers, presentations, videos and Bible teaching.

12.30pm    Break for lunch (Meals not provided)

1pm – 2pm   Check out 'Centre Central' – where every Torchbearers centre has a display with updates, information and current opportunities. Drink coffee, catch up with friends, chat with Torchbearers staff and speakers.

2pm    Seminars: more info will appear about seminar options at each conference.

4pm    Reunion and break for dinner. Use this time to organize reunions with friends from your time at a Torchbearers centre.

6pm    Main Assembly: music, speakers, presentations, videos and Bible teaching.

9pm    Wrap up, shed a tear, see you next time (or at another conference – go on, I dare you!)


Where possible, those that can will meet and worship with the hosting church on the following Sunday morning.

Any questions on any of this, please contact Lisa Stevens (

Some handy links are listed below

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Zane Black's Website

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