Adventure Bible School Programs

So you have a taste for the outdoors and adventure?
Do you desire a transformational experience but don't feel like the traditional classroom is for you?

With Torchbearers you can enroll in one of several outdoor adventure programmes, which are designed to challenge and develop you spiritually, mentally and physically. The goal being that the student wouldn't just experience some fun adventures, but also be challenged and stretched, refreshed in body and soul, and most of all, to truly experience the transforming life of Jesus Christ.

If you are ready for an adventure, talk to a member or staff or contact Torchbearers directly at

Capernwray New Zealand - ABS

Adventure Bible School in New Zealand

ABS (Adventure Bible School) is a 6 week course run out of the Adventure Lodge just 30 minutes from Monavale, Capernwray New Zealand. This course gives students the opportunity to combine Bible teaching with physical and outdoor activities. Sea, sky, mountains, bush, and caves provide the setting for our classroom. Through challenging outdoor activities designed to stretch you, we explore practical Christian living and how we relate to God, others and ourselves. 

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Tauernhof (Austria) - Upward Bound

Upward Bound in Austria

The spectacular alpine environment in which Tauernhof is located enables us to offer this unique mountain experience. Its intensive schedule is designed to facilitate the deepening of a Christian's faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, Biblical knowledge and application, promote Biblical values, develop leadership potential, a sense of personal responsibility, and self-confidence, and encourage cooperative teamwork and appreciation for others.

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Ravencrest Chalet (Colorado) - AWE

AWE in Colorado

Ascension Wilderness Experience is a 3 week outdoor adventure based programme. While Ravencrest Chalet acts as base camp the participants are led out into the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains on various trips, outdoor activities and challenges, intermingled with time in Bible teaching and personal study - all for the purpose of encountering Jesus Christ and growing in Him.

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Capernwray Quebec (Canada) - WILD

Wild in Quebec

Capernwray Quebec's Wild Program is a 5 day adventure programme for participants 17 years of age and up, specifically designed and focused on providing Biblically-based teaching for leadership, team-building and personal growth through adventure-based activities. With a curriculum designed to energize and motivate participants, the aim of the Wild Programme is to offer participants a focused time to encounter Christ and allow Him to teach their hearts.

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