Each year over a thousand students, representing dozens of nationalities, attend any one of the Torchbearers Bible Schools around the world.

This international, interdenominational environment provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the worldwide body of Christ. No specific academic qualifications are required for entry, but acceptance for the course is based both on the student’s completed application and on the comments of two references. Students must be at least 18 years old or have graduated from high school.

As well as having group lectures, students are divided into small groups for the purpose of outreach, study, practical work and personal interaction. In this setting students are encouraged to develop and use their God-given abilities, as well as learn how to live and work effectively within a team setting.

The interaction between students from different countries and cultures brings an added dimension to spiritual growth and development. Another unique aspect of Torchbearers Bible School’s community life is the staff-student interaction. It is much more relational than a typical college, allowing dynamic opportunities for both formal and informal discipleship.

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