Additional information


The studies are given by Torchbearers Bible Schools staff as well as visiting lecturers who are all experienced Christians involved in active service in evangelical churches, missionary societies or the work place. Visiting lecturers are in residence for one or two weeks and are therefore available for conversation and counsel. 


Library facilities are available in most of the schools and in addition, recommended study books can be purchased on the premises.

Assessment & Credit

For some of our Bible school programmes, tests, projects and assignments are given and transfer of credits may be possible to other colleges. Please check with each individual Torchbearers centre to find out what the particular opportunities are for their programme in this regard.

Movement Between Locations

Students generally may transfer to or from other Torchbearers Schools between courses without duplication of studies.


Term lengths at Torchbearers Bible Schools vary depending upon the individual school’s year-round programme and seasonal scheduling. Length of Bible Schools can be as short as one week (a “Taste and See” Study Week) to a nine-month full year programme. Some schools additionally offer second-year Bible School programmes for advanced studies with a strong emphasis on leadership training and hands-on ministry experience.