2nd Year Programs

Did you know that Torchbearers currently operates 2nd year programmes at three of our centres in Canada and the USA, a Business Ministry Leadership programme in New Zealand, and Outdoor Adventure programmes at many centres, plus several volunteer and intern positions at centres all around the world?

If God is saying “I’m not done with you and Torchbearers yet” then read through the details below and pray through your options. Then talk to a member of staff or contact Torchbearers directly at connect@torchbearers.org.

Capernwray Harbour, BC, (Canada) - Leadership Training Programme

The Capernwray Harbour Leadership Training programme is tailored to train men and women in the "Word of God" and the Ways of God"...specifically for those students who are graduates of the first year at a Torchbearer Bible Schools. Spiritual leaders like disciples, have to be "made"; they are not "born!".

Discover and learn through the study and meditation in God's Word and in daily experience and in community, the dynamic of leadership through servanthood; learning to think through "why we believe what we believe"; learning to know Christ in the power of His indwelling resurrection Life.

Leadership by Influence, not merely by position.

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Ravencrest Chalet, Colorado (USA) - Leadership Training Course

Ravencrest Chalet offers a year of study and service opportunities to a limited number of students who have completed one year of studies at a Torchbearer school. 
As an extension and application of the first year of study, LTC is committed to developing practical leadership principles in every area of the Christian life.

Leadership Training Course students will also assist the staff practically, working with the first-year students to make their programme as meaningful as possible. Fewer hours will be spent in the classroom; however, the study environment will be more challenging as personal research and preparation will be required as they exercise leadership roles amongst their fellow students.

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His Hill, Texas (USA) - Second Year Programme

The 9 month second year programme at His Hill runs from September to May and has been designed as a practical extension to the one year programme. Second year students are given greater opportunity to live out what they have learned during their first year and to also explore the Bible in a deeper and more concentrated setting.

The classes allow students to examine the Bible in a more "in depth" way, probing subjects that may have only been surveyed in the one year programme. Due to the smaller class size discussion is easily facilitated, allowing students to interact more closely with teachers and peers. Students attend morning lectures, Monday-Thursday, spending their evenings in personal study and reflection, and in fellowship with one another.

Second years also serve as resident assistants in the dorms to encourage and mentor first year students in their relationships with Christ and with others. They may also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by leading a group of first year students in a weekly outreach into the community.

His Hill accepts applications to its second year programme from students who have completed one year at His Hill or at another Torchbearer Centre.

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Three Locations - Business, Ministry, Leadership

As part of the Torchbearers ministry, the BML programme was established to offer Bible-based business training for those wanting to go deeper into God’s word and discover how applicable it is for the Christian Life – especially in the workplace!

We want to encourage students to take God seriously and challenge their ideas about how to be effective in business, ministry and leadership. Using Biblical examples of how to operate professionally with integrity in a way that pleases and glorifies God, BML offers Bible based teaching primarily for Christians either in full time ministry or in the secular workplace.

Courses in New Zealand, Colorado (USA) and Switzerland

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