Holsby is a safe and welcoming place where Jesus changes lives. Pasts are left behind, foundations are built and futures are planned - Christ is discovered. Our students leave better equipped to thrive wherever God leads them.

• English speaking environment
• Friendly and dynamic community
• Close interaction with staff families
• Nine-month course at a great price
• Near to nature, hiking, canoeing…
• Variety of local outreach opportunities
• Chance to play basketball on the Holsby team

Nestled among the forests and lakes of southern Sweden, Holsby provides the perfect environment for Bible school. Students appreciate the size of Holsby - not too big, but not too small. It’s close enough to major European cities (Stockholm & Copenhagen), yet in peaceful proximity to God’s creation.

• Bible School for age 18+ (September-May)
• Summer Bible School for age 18+ (July)
• Bible School Basketball Team (September-March)
• Adventure Outreach (April-May)
• Camps and Conferences (April-August)

DIRECTOR: John Poysti

ADDRESS: Holsby - Brunnsvägen 31 - 57015 Holsbybrunn - Sweden

TELEPHONE: +46 3835 067 0 

EMAIL: office@holsby.org

WEBSITE: www.holsby.org