Credo, Switzerland
Credo is based in Wilderswil, a charming village near Interlaken and in the centre of the world famous Jungfrau Region with its renowned mountains and beautiful scenery.

Situated overlooking the wide valley is the special house, Credo (Latin for "I believe"). Its charming castle-like architecture is evident throughout the house, which offers a distinctive and warm atmosphere for up to 120 guests.

When you enquire, confirm that the programme of interest is directed by Torchbearers, as this facility is kindly made available for some special Torchbearers programmes under the leadership of Daniel Blaser.

Located just 5 minutes from Interlaken. It is only a two-hour train or car drive from the international airport in Zürich or a five-hour direct train ride from Frankfurt, Germany.

• 3 week Bible School (for ages 25+)
• 1 week BML (Business Ministry Leadership)
• Short-term missions and training
• Youth retreats and camps
• Adult conferences and retreats
• Outdoor programmes
• Staff internships

DIRECTOR: Daniel Blaser

ADDRESS: CREDO Schloss Unspunnen - Unspunnenstrasse 11 - CH-3812 Wilderswil, Switzerland

TELEPHONE: +41 33 822 32 06

FAX: +41 33 823 42 32