Schladming lies between the majestic Tauern and Dachstein mountain ranges in the Austrian Alps. This picturesque resort town is one of the biggest ski-resorts in Europe, and the centre borders the base of a World Cup ski area.

Tauernhof offers a warm personal atmosphere for 84 guests and students. Our desire is to promote the growth of the Christian as a whole person-spiritually, mentally and physically-while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of God's creation.

Located about 90 km southeast of Salzburg, the "Sound of Music" city. It is only a three hour drive from the major cities of Vienna and Munich.  

• Bible school for age 18+ (September-December and April-June)
• Ski and snowboard camps and ski touring weeks (December-April)
• Adventure based learning camps in the mountains (July and August)


DIRECTOR: Martin Buchsteiner

ADDRESS: Tauernhof - Coburgstrasse 50 - 8970-Schladming - Austria

TELEPHONE: +43 3687 222 94