Outreach & Missionary Projects

The following outreach and missionary projects are also supported by the Torchbearers Schloss Klaus ministry:


 > Support of SIC-church activities; operation of 2 homes & school for street boys in Khartoum

South Sudan:

 > Support of SIC-church activities; Youth Care and Leadership Conferences with teachers from Schloss Klaus and African countries; Day Care Centre/School in Melut

  Missionary: Petra Scheerle

 > Preschool education, programs for children and youth, Sunday school training


> Home for 70 children from HIV-Aids affected background, school & education
> Home for 30 boys from HIV-Aids affected background, school & education
> Support of Impact International (Murli & Usha Menon): Evangelism, Bible school, children programmes/homes


> Support of Reeves family as the leaders of Christian retreat centre Champfleuri


> Support of the Torchbearer Centre in Erseka

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