Ravencrest, CO
Perched on a mountain overlooking the vast panorama of Rocky Mountain National Park is Ravencrest Chalet Bible School and Retreat Center. Estes Park, a vacation destination for tourists, bikers, hikers and rock climbers, is also home to this Torchbearers center, which can accommodate 75 guests.

65 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado on Highway 36, 501 Pole Hill Road, Estes Park. 

•30 week Bible School for age 18+ (Sept-May)
• 8 week BML (Business Ministry Leadership)
• 4 week AWE (Ascension Wilderness Experience)
• Church "youth group" camps (June-August)
• Adult summer conferences for men and women, singles and couples (August)
• Winter conference for adults and families (December)

DIRECTOR: Frank Cirone

ADDRESS: Ravencrest Chalet - P.O. Box 2620 - Estes Park - CO - 80517 - USA

TELEPHONE: 1.970.586.8118 (main)
                      1.800.584.8118 (free) 


EMAIL: office@ravencrest.org

WEBSITE: www.ravencrest.org