Purtatorii de Faclie, Romania
Purtătorii de Făclie is perfectly situated within the beautiful Carpathian Mountains and is in close proximity to ancient castles, 12th century fortified churches, excellent ski resorts, and diverse hiking routes.

Even though Romania is now a modern developing country within the European Union, there is still a great need for people to hear the gospel of Jesus, especially in the more impoverished rural areas.

Not only is our centre a great place for vacations, outdoor activities, and retreats for Romanian and international guests, but also, it is the ideal location from which groups can reach out to the poor, needy, and afflicted people of our country through various programmes and mission outreaches.

PdF is located in the region of Transilvania, the centre of the country, about 20 kilometers south of Brasov and 150 kilometers north of Bucharest..

• Spring Mission Bible school (April - June)
• Summer Camps and retreats (June - August)
• Outdoor Wilderness Programmes and Leadership Training (April - September)
• Ski and Snowboard Camps (January and February)
• Youth and children’s ministry “Micii Exploratori” in local communities (all year)

DIRECTOR: Eberhard Beck

ADDRESS: Asociaţia Purtătorii de Făclie - C.P. 20 - 505400 Râşnov, România

TELEPHONE: +40 (0) 368 462340 or +40 (0) 760 616710

EMAIL: receptie@pdf.ro

WEBSITE: www.pdf.ro