Portantorchas is located in Costa Rica, a country full of natural beauty with beaches, rain forests, volcanoes and friendly people. With a capacity of 35-45 students, we offer a full-time bilingual Bible School, as well as organizing "short-term mission" opportunities for churches from around the world.

This offers a great opportunity and location for people of all ages and nationalities to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior and Life.

Portantorchas is located approximately 15km from the capital city of San José in Coronado, a mountain suburb. 

• Bilingual (Spanish and English) Bible School for students who have finished high school level studies. This includes one month of intensive language training in the first term and one month of leadership training in the second term. Terms run from August to November and February to May.
• During the months of June and July, we organize short-term mission trips for churches from the US, Canada and other countries. We include work in orphanages, rehab shelters, churches and other community projects.
• We run day camps in January and one Saturday each month for children from the community.


DIRECTOR: Marco Perez

ADDRESS: Portantorchas - Apdo. 1291-2150 - San José - Costa Rica

TELEPHONE: +1-506-2229-3584

INTERNET PHONE: +1-312-912-9451

EMAIL: contact@portantorchas.org

WEBSITE: www.portantorchas.org