In the centre of Germany, not far from the city of Frankfurt in the beautiful Rhine valley, is Klostermühle Bible School and Centre for camps, conferences and confirmation class retreats. Klostermühle offers room for studies and quietness and is a great place for hiking, biking, canoeing and other sport activities.

The centre is able to accommodate 130 guests.

Between Frankfurt and Cologne, 100km from Cologne/Bonn, 80km from Frankfurt. 

• Bible School for age 18+ (October-March)
• Camps and conferences for families, teenagers and children (June-September)
• Study weeks and conferences on special occasions (New Year, Easter, Ascension Day)
• Confirmation class camps and church youth group camps (September-May)


DIRECTOR: Stefan Kiene

PRINCIPAL: Michael König

ADDRESS: Missionsgemeinschaft der Fackeltraeger e.V - Klostermühle 1 -56379 Obernhof an der Lahn - Germany

TELEPHONE: +49 2604 943 40
FAX:+49 2604 943 414