About us

Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His church worldwide.

Welcome to the world of Torchbearers!

Welcome to the greatest adventure of Life - the adventure of living in the joy and purpose of all that Christ created us to be. More significant than the “torch” that represents the best that man can be in pursuit of gold is the TORCH that represents the victory God won when He sent His Light into the world to set men free!

Through the years thousands of people, both young and old, from many lands have joined us in “events” on land and by sea, in the mountains or on the beach, hanging on ropes or relaxing in comfort, sleeping in tents or living in castles, loved and cherished, challenged and taught. In all these settings Jesus has been our “personal trainer” that He might become known and trusted as Saviour, Friend and Lord.

In 1947 the turreted towers of Capernwray in Northern England (pictured above) first witnessed a growing flow of young people finding their way to adventure and faith. After the harsh years of war, their fears gave way to freedom, their foes became friends, lonely faces broke into laughter and the Bible came alive! Jesus stepped out of its pages and embraced hardened hearts.

It wasn’t long before the good news ricocheted across continents leading to the current twenty-six Torchbearers Centres around the world. They serve as conference and retreat facilities offering all manner of appealing opportunities to join with others in recreation, service, study and Bible School. Welcome to our world alive in Christ!

Come and join us!!

Because He Lives,

Chris Thomas - Minister at large